Basic Computer Maintenance

Rules for Safe Computing on the Internet

Security Recommendations

How to Secure Your Windows Computer

Windows Versus Linux

Ubuntu Basics

Tweaks! Tweaks! And More Tweaks!


Your Links to the World of Computers

Building a Personal Computer

So You “Wannabe” a Computer Tech?

Last Updated: 10-31-16

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Welcome to Randar’s Tech Page! This page is dedicated to the personal computer and all things related to computer technology. I am a CompTIA Certified Technician and have my certifications for A+, Network+, Server+, INet+, and Linux+. I love computers and computer hardware and everything that goes along with them. While I major in Windows, I minor in Linux, and I dabble in networking and building and repairing computers for both Linux and Windows. Though computer technology is mostly a hobby, I do have a few clients that I work for. So, it is not all play, it is a business too. This page then, will have articles about and links to the world of computer technology. The articles are researched and written by me. They are down to earth and practical. The links are ones that I find most helpful and I use them all the time. Feel free to browse ...

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